Meditation Experiences

Let it go, happiness refilled!

Everything is clear.

In the past, I always found myself being restless and worrying about EVERYTHING too much.  I  came to this Meditation centre, hoping they would know which way to go. Fortunately, they did and I am very grateful to the Teachers, the Method, and helpers. Without them, it would have been impossible. Within three weeks it was so easy to make decisions about my relationships and my job. I found myself and even more than this.

Now EVERYTHING is clear: No clouds,  just the sun shining so bright, that everything around me is just beautiful. Find the core. Discover what really matters in life. It’s your choice if you want to suffer or live a life of peace.

It’s your choice if you want to keep living in a cold rainy winter or if you are ready for a life full of spring, where everything around you is blossoming.

To achieve this, meditating at the centre is the answer!
– After level 2

Sabrina / Berlin Center
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