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Finding direction in life

I have been interested in self-improvement for most of my adult life, and have searched for methods to becoming happier. After a day’s work I would feel quite drained, and often could not let go of the events that played out during the day, and frequently had to have a drink to unwind after work. I like to lead a healthy lifestyle but knew that I was on the wrong path at this stage, and needed to find direction in life.

On my way to work one morning, I was handed a flyer for this meditation method. The brief explanation of the concept made sense to me, and I attended the seminar that evening, and immediately signed up after the event.

Not too long after starting with the method, I could already feel my mind getting lighter, and my friends and colleagues could also notice a change in me. Now I am able to deal with stressful situations a lot easier while staying calm. I am always feeling content now, and my communication with others vastly improved. I do not have any lingering thoughts about the events of the day or worries about what is going to happen tomorrow. I am brighter and happier than ever before, and I am clear about my direction in life.  – After level 1

Louwrens Pieterse / Cape Town
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