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One of my favorite things about the method is how light I feel, I am able to speak to myself and stop stress and anxiety in its tracks. I feel happier; My mind is not as cluttered and busy as it used to be. I am beginning to live in the true world and because of that I am unconsciously manifesting life around me.
Shannon Klein
Artist, Therapeutic Art Life Coach
Now I am able to deal with stressful situations a lot easier while staying calm. I am always feeling content now, and my communication with others vastly improved. I do not have any lingering thoughts about the events of the day or worries about what is going to happen tomorrow. I am brighter and happier than ever before, and I am clear about my direction in life. Not too long after starting with the method, I could already feel my mind getting lighter.
Louwrens Pieterse
IT Consultant
"A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts, so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions” - Alan Watts. Through the method of letting go of attachments, this meditation woke me up to a life lived in Truth. To coexist, to be free from the up and down world of worry and anxiety, I noticed a difference in my everyday life. “I” am now more present and focused and enjoying this journey of unbecoming the me that attached to certain behaviours and thoughts, this journey of finding my purpose. This meditation is truly beautiful and life changing. I am so grateful to the method, the helpers , the teachers , to Truth. Gamsahamnida☀️ Not too long after starting with the method, I could already feel my mind getting lighter.
Daniélle Van Niekerk
Counseling Psychology Student
I was in a bad place emotionally and mentally when I started with the meditation and as time went by and I kept coming following the method sincerely I noticed a lot of changes in life. I have noticed that I am calmer, more collected and logical in my thinking and I don’t overthink things. One of the things that I have realised is worrying or stressing is because of fear of the unknown. Not knowing everything is fine because when you one with the universe it flows.
Cassim Mansoor
From my first session, I already felt a transformation, a renewed sense of wellbeing both mentally and physically. I sincerely follow the method, I feel like a layer of the cloud has lifted off me.
Denise Pillay Rawthee
The Method has shown my true self. The Method has shown that by subtracting false thoughts, everything was non-existent, because they were all the illusions in my mind. This was hell. I am so thankful for the method and the helpers, because it is leading me to the path that is Truth.. I wish to finish all steps of the Method, and reach Human Completion…together!!! Khamsahamnida('thank you' in Korean).
James Bradshaw
Stunt Performer